Quantifiable, technical artistry—Noël Jackson’s work makes a statement across industries.

Blending best-practices software development with thoughtful analysis and design, his reputation speaks by producing results: doubled page views, 25% increase in sales conversions (Fortune 100 client), 35% increase in signups (14-million-user client), and $100s of millions in hidden revenue, generated for some of the largest publishers on the web.

Noël’s focus on intelligent engineering and design underscores his dedication to web standards, building with integrity, and crafting future-minded products. Known for his work with clients like Automattic/WordPress.com, Gawker Media, Newsweek, An Event Apart, Jeffrey Zeldman, and others. His past achievements include PhotoStack, contributing to the first ideas for filtering typographic content in WordPress, inventing the color engine that went on to power Photon inside of JetPack, and was part of the core team that built the P2 theme at Automattic.

Noël is an accomplished producer, mixing engineer, and mastering engineer. He has worked with Billboard winning artists releasing on Warner Records, Rekids, Ghostly, KMS, Cadenza, No3, and Superfreq, including names like David Guetta, Kevin Saunderson, Dantiez Saunderson, Mr.C, Kate Simko, Daestro, Troy Pierce, Heartthrob, and more.

You can contact Noël via email at n@noeljackson.com